Washburn Rural returns to the mats

Washburn Rural hit the mats in anticipation of their first competition of the season.
Washburn Rural hit the mats in anticipation of their first competition of the season.
Published: Nov. 30, 2020 at 10:14 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - It seemed like the door had closed on season.

“Right now, no,” Washburn Rural wrestler Kelly Mercer said. “I definitely anticipated that we would be pushed back.”

But, winter sports athletes learned around the state last week it’s game on.

“My blood is pumping so much now I am so motivated to work out more get more fit and work harder than I ever had before.” Washburn Rural wrestler Rebekah Smith

“Getting to do what you love right now even giving COVID and everything being jumbled up this is a really good solid thing that we have.” Mercer said.

And the state champion Washburn Rural girls wrestling team returned to the mats, ready to be back.

“Defend the title be the best that we can be wrestle hard.” Mercer said.

“It makes me feel more like myself because when the season ended a part of me ended and now that I’m back here I feel more fuller and more ecstatic to be here.” Smith said.

“It’s definitely a mixup this year with what’s going to happen so we need to be working hard here and also working hard to stay safe and healthy.” Mercer said.

There’s uncertainty about the season. At any moment, it could come crashing down. But - for the time being - there’s an appreciation to be back.

“Can’t wait to get this thing going,” Washburn Rural wrestling coach Damon Parker said. “There’s not gonna be any parents there, no fans are allowed, and we’re going to have to wear masks when we wrestle. Who cares let’s party let’s do this thing.”

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