Salute Our Heroes: Scott Hunt takes on two different roles to serve his community

13 News at 10pm
Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 10:28 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Ever since he was a kid, Scott Hunt has aspired to help others.

“The fire department is a passion and here (AMR) is a passion and if you don’t feel it in your heart to do it, then you might as well not do it.”

Hunt says that at times, his life can seem like a juggling act but its a juggling act that he’s passionate about.

After spending some time working as an EMT in Jackson County, Hunt decided to work towards becoming a paramedic for Topeka AMR.

“When I started they told me if you had five years in Topeka, you could go anywhere in the state of Kansas because you have everything, you have the urban setting and then you have the rural setting. One minute you might run a fall patient and the next time you might be working a farm accident.”

Hunt has spent the last 21 years working at Topeka AMR, experiencing both the highs and the lows of the job.

“You know the best is when you bring a life in or save somebody, the people that I have saved from cardiac arrest you know I couldn’t even tell you how many I’ve saved in twenty something years, I can’t tell you how many babies I have delivered. I think the worst is telling a family member that someone has passed because there’s nothing I can do they’ve already passed on, they’re deceased, and you have to walk in the other room and tell the family member that they are no longer living and you know you do that as many times as I have done it.. that gets to your soul.”

Hunt not only serves as a paramedic in Topeka but also as the Chief at the Auburn Fire Department.

“On my days off I’m there all the time and if I’m not, I’m on my phone, on a call taking care of business, great bunch of guys that don’t get paid anything for being there. We’re a small community and what makes it bad is down there when you run a call, a fire call, or a medical call, its somebody you already know, you’ve already seen them at the store or at a restaurant or them coming in getting a burn permit, you know that’s pretty hard on a person when you got to go running in when they’re in their crisis.”

He says its the camaraderie among his co-workers that keeps him going at both of his jobs.

“There might be a hundred people that work in this facility and you figure we cover two shifts, an A shift and a B shift and we work twelve hours so everybody knows everybody, and doing it this long with a bunch of people around you that have the same desire makes it a lot easier to do.”

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