Salute Our Heroes: Three Osage Co. Deputies save lives and get rewarded

13 News at 10pm
Updated: May. 17, 2021 at 8:00 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Three Osage County deputies answered the call and received life-saving awards for their actions.

Deputies Clayton Hartpence, Cory Hamilton, and Christian Moran were given the award from the Osage Co. Sheriff’s Office at the County Commission meeting Monday.

On March 24th around 6:30 in the morning, a person pulled his tow truck over on interstate 35 to get something out of the backseat -- but forgot to put the vehicle in park.

Hartpence said, “The backside stuck out wider in the back than the front so when he stepped out, the vehicle just started rolling. He got hit and then both of legs got ran over by the dual wheels in the back.” He responded to the call and was able to calm his adrenaline in the car leading to the scene. When he got there, he saw the man bleeding from his ankle. He said he was made aware that the person possibly had arterially bleeding.

“I arrived on the scene, assessed him, and immediately applied a tourniquet above his knee to slow the bleeding in his leg until medical could arrive on the scene,” he said.

In February, Deputies Hamilton and Moran were called to an unresponsive person trapped in a bathroom in Scranton. Hamilton arrived first on the scene with the bathroom door in the way of helping the individual, so he kicked it off the hinges.

“It’s kind of take a quick look around, see what you can do to remove the obstacles and help these people the best that you can and this time the door had to go, so it went,” said Hamilton.

Moran said he went outside after they failed to get in at first to grab a tool to get in, “and I came back in and he had already removed and we threw it in the kitchen to get it out of the way to remove him from the bathroom.”

They performed CPR and were able to get a pulse before EMS arrived to take over the scene.

Moran said, “There was very little verbal communication it was all mostly hey we all know what we’re here to do and we just did it.”

The deputies said it was nice to be recognized for their work and being one of the few deputies who have received the award.

“I wouldn’t change anything I did, I continue to do what I’m doing,” said Moran.

“We’re not here to just issue citations and take bad people to jail, we’re also here to help people in all times of need,” said Hartpence.

“You do this for passion, not for a paycheck. I’m happy to hit the streets every day, go out and help who I can help,” said Hamilton.

The deputies said it was also nice to see the positive reaction from the community.

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