Salute Our Heroes: WWll veteran recalls years of service on 95th birthday

Updated: May. 31, 2021 at 8:57 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Each day there are two guarantees, the sun will come up and Dewey Mohler will hit the YMCA for his morning workout.

“Well I go into the weight room and I lift some weights and then I go into the pool,” said Mohler.

Moehler refuses to let the excuse of old age keep him down.

“Well its all about personal satisfaction, you know you can still do some things, you can’t do everything but you need to do what you can do.”

“He’s always done some sort of exercise, he’s always played golf, he’s always bowled, and he reads, he’s an avid reader, he probably reads I don’t know three or four books a week,” said Mohler’s daughter, Diana Halstead.

On his 95th birthday his friends and family surprised him after his workout to show their appreciation for him and his service.

“I was in the navy and I was in World War 2, after all these years you can still pretty well remember it.”

Mohler worked on an LST-- a naval craft designed to carry cargo and troops to shores that had no dock or pier.

“Its a landing ship tank so the captain would gun it and you would go up on the beach and then you would lower the doors and everybody would drive off and we’d get the heck out of there”

Sometimes the mission wasn’t that simple.

“Probably one of the worst ones is on one of our invasions we were going on and there was a Japanese kamikaze,” said Mohler.

“We were at five hundred yard intervals and this guy came in and went right over the top of our ship and hit a transport five hundred yards on from our starboard bowel and he delivered a suicide bomb.”

After serving as a hero in the war, Mohler moved back home to become the hero of his family, a title he still holds today.

“He’s kind of been the rock of the family, all of the grand kids, all of the family goes to him for advice and they still do so if they got a problem business wise personal wise, they go to grandpa or they go to Dad so he’s the glue that holds us together,” said Halstead.

To live a long life, Mohler suggests moving your body in some way at least six times a week and surrounding yourself with loved ones.

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