Salute Our Heroes: Rossville couple helps the community with passion for service

Updated: Jun. 7, 2021 at 6:55 PM CDT
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ROSSVILLE, Kan. (WIBW) - Finding a rooster in the sky may sound like a figure of speech but in Rossville, the painted bird is the landmark that leads to a van filled with goods donated to the LOM organization.

Chad and Karla Shaftsall are the driving forces behind LOM.

Many of their services are rooted in community habits.

“We’re a community that’ll spend a lot of time putting stuff in storage and it just sits there unused,” Chad said.

“Some people feel guilty about that like ‘man, I got a lot of used stuff so many coffee tables and toys, ‘why are we keeping them why not give it to someone in need?’ and that’s when we get called.”

LOM operates a variety of events in the area all year long to serve different needs from clothing collections to the annual Canned War on 24 at Christmastime.

In addition to running LOM Karla and Chad both work at other jobs full-time but they say there are simple motivations that make them want to be involved in the community.

“Helping people seeing the smiles if we give stuff to the families or just the events we’ve had to see the happy smiles when they receive or host events they see stuff know that people are helping out,” Karla mentioned.

“Unity, we know when somebody calls us and sends us a message we don’t ask if they’re Democrat or Republican,” added Chad.

“We don’t ask what religion they are or color we don’t care about that all we know is what do they need and ask for a little bit of time to check and see if we have it.”

There is one thing the Shafstalls hope LOM can give to Rossville.

“A legacy, I would say also for me my boss says when we all pass and we all will pass all that remains is our legacy and for our kids and our grandkids I wanna leave something they’ll be proud of and they can associate with and hopefully they’ll carry on what we’ve started,” said Chad.

LOM Accepts donations at the Bank of the Flint Hills under the LOM account, on Venmo @Karla-Shafstall or by PayPal

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