Salute Our Heroes: Two Osage Co. deputies recognized for life-saving actions in the field

A few Osage Co. deputies were recognized for their life-saving actions in the field.
A few Osage Co. deputies were recognized for their life-saving actions in the field.(WIBW)
Updated: Aug. 16, 2021 at 10:10 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A few Osage Co. deputies were recognized for their life-saving actions in the field.

Deputy Cory Hamilton and another deputy earned honors for their response at a Burlington apartment fire.

It was engulfed in flames with a woman inside.

“Neighbor had called it in. Chief Baker and I were actually at another event a few blocks away so we were able to get over there pretty quickly, and an arrived on scene to find a fully involved apartment fire,” Deputy Hamilton explained.

They got the woman out of the home alive, but she passed weeks later due to complications.

“Family was ultimately grateful and thankful, even though the end result wasn’t the best,” Deputy Hamilton said. “They were able to get some closure and know that we tried and gave her a shot, so that’s what makes us feel better and know that we did what we could in this instance.”

Another group of deputies was called into action when a two-year-old boy nearly drowned.

“Dispatch ended up getting a call, because of their quick response we were given the information to respond to this residence, because of that we are able to get there and start providing body support for the child as soon as possible,” Deputy Blake Reker explained.

Deputy Blake Reker says the child did survive.

“It’s a two-year-old kid, and he really hasn’t experienced life and knowing that you saved a life and that he has that chance to experience going through life,” Deputy Reker emphasized. “It’s not just a couple of years ago he gets to experience a lot more than what he would have.”

Deputies involved in both situations say their job requires multiple skills.

“I mean it’s not just one type of job deal that we do anymore,” Deputy Reker said. “I mean we’re part of helping fire, we’re part of helping medical, and part of our training is doing some of the medical stuff nowadays even if that’s just training in basic first aid or CPR.”

“It’s totally different, you know, as a firefighter you going with bunker gear and SVA, you have air and all that type of stuff, but this is kind of a quick response,” Deputy Hamilton added. “So what you can you’re running on adrenaline and hope for the best.”

While they now hold special awards, the deputies say they say didn’t do anything special.

“It’s our job I mean that’s what we’re passionate about,” Deputy Reker emphasized.

Both deputies say they were just doing their jobs and appreciate the recognition.

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