Salute Our Heroes: Husband and wife volunteer together with Riley Co. Fire Dept.

Salute Our Heroes - Husband and wife volunteer with Riley Co. Fire Dept.
Published: Oct. 18, 2021 at 10:22 PM CDT
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RILEY CO., Kan. (WIBW) - A Riley County couple has been serving as volunteer fire fighters since their now-adult children were young.

Roger Davis has been a volunteer fire fighter in Riley County for more than 35 years. Davis first learned about the need for volunteers shortly after purchasing their first house, in 1984.

“I met one of our neighbors at a state employee meeting, and he recruited me. The station was about a block away at that time.” Riley County Fire Department, Battalion Chief 112, Roger Davis says.

Davis’ wife, Kim eventually joined him as a volunteer, after realizing she could help the community outside of work.

“I saw that Roger was having a lot of fun doing it. So once my kids were old enough to leave them alone I decided I would join too and I by that time I had got my EMT certification.” Riley County Fire Department, Captain 112, Kim Davis says.

The Davis’ say they work well together at fire calls, although they aren’t always paired up on the same truck.

“It’s not that common that we are in the same truck at the same time, we do go to the same fires, quite frequently but it’s rare that we’re paired up together, you know, one is in one truck and somebody else is in another, that type of thing. But when we are together, there…there is some confusion about the rank.” Roger says, laughing.

Working well together, they have helped train numerous Riley County volunteer fire fighters.

“We let the firefighter decide what they want to do, if they want to learn how to drive the trucks or if they are uncomfortable about wearing air packs and being in enclosed spaces or whatever it might be, we can always find a job for them to do.” Roger says.

“Try it out and see, because there’s lots of tasks that they could complete there may be some things that they can’t do because it is very physically demanding, but they should give it a try.” Kim says.

The Davis’ have helped train many volunteers who have gone on to become paid professional firefighters in Manhattan, Kansas City and New York.

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