Missouri Governor issues order to keep federal workers from being fired over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

FILE(Source: Governor Mike Parson's Administration)
Published: Oct. 28, 2021 at 3:43 PM CDT
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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (WIBW) - Missouri Governor Mike Parson has issued an executive order to keep federal workers in the state from being fired over COVID-19 vaccine mandates for religious or medical reasons.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson said on Thursday, Oct. 28, he issued Executive Order 21-10 to protect the rights of Missouri residents against overreaching federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

“The Constitution and its historical interpretations clearly leave public health decisions to the states. The federal government has no authority to issue COVID-19 vaccine mandates,” said Gov. Parson. “The Biden Administration acting alone to dictate and mandate health requirements represents the kind of federal power grab the founding fathers warned us against.”

Gov. Parson said EO 21-10 opposes the Biden Administration’s federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates and directs the following:

  • All agencies, boards, commissions and other entities in Missouri’s executive branch are directed to cooperate fully and timely with the Attorney General of the State of Missouri in litigation on behalf of Missouri against any federally imposed vaccine mandate or requirement.
  • No agency, board, commission, or other entity in Missouri’s executive branch will compel anyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine according to federal mandates if the individual objects for religious or medical reasons.
  • No agency, board, commission, or other entity in Missouri’s executive branch will penalize individuals or businesses for non-compliance with federally imposed COVID-19 vaccine mandates if there are objections for religious or medical reasons.

“In the State of Missouri, public health decisions are left to the people to either make their own personal decisions or speak through their elected representatives in the General Assembly,” said the Missouri Governor. “The Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates undermine and deny Missourians’ their right to make personal health decisions and to speak through their elected representatives.”

Gov. Parson said over 3 million Missouri residents have been fully vaccinated. He said nearly 70% of residents 18 and older and 90% of residents 65 and older have started the vaccination process.

“Let me be clear, we continue to encourage all Missourians to get vaccinated. We can support vaccination without supporting mandates,” he said. “We are issuing this order to protect our system of government and the individual rights of Missourians to make their own health care decisions.”

Parson said no other president has unilaterally forced vaccinations onto the American people.

To read the full executive order, click HERE.

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