Washburn Rural’s Aidan Boline overcomes adversity to become a Champion

Published: Mar. 18, 2022 at 6:27 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Aidan Boline started wrestling about a decade ago and he was hooked. The Washburn Rural grappler battled through adversity to hoist a state title.

In this weeks University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus Health story of the week, Boline shows us the Heart of a Champion.

“It’s a battle but through just all the support I’ve had,” Aidan Boline, Washburn Rural senior wrestler, said. “I’ve been able to get through it.”

“Where there’s a will there’s a way,” Sonya Boline, Aidan’s mother, said. “He’s proven that.”

Aidan Boline had a clean bill of health until his freshmen year.

“As soon as high school came around, it kind of went downhill.” Aidan Boline said.

During a routine throw, his knee buckled and popped.

“Kind of shock and then you’re very unstable, but then there’s just like a burning sensation.” Aidan Boline said.

It was an ACL tear. That marked the first of several trips to the University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus and its clinics.

“It’s very difficult,” Dr. Benedict Figuerres, Aidan’s orthopedic surgeon, said. “You get on the patient’s side all the time when you’re trying to help get back to whatever they like to do. You kind of feel part of their team. It’s a life changer.”

Boline slowly returned to form by his junior year. But, the pain returned. This time, in his other knee.

“During a match, it locks up and I start grabbing it,” Aidan Boline said. “It’s extremely painful. And that’s kind of when we knew that we need to get something checked out.”

It was yet another ACL tear

“I remember Dr. Figuerres just handing it to just in shock.” Aidan Boline said. “We couldn’t believe that we’re going to have to do this a whole second time around.”

Aidan was determined to continue wrestling when a third scar was added.

“I just left work,” Sonya Boline said. ”I was getting ready to pick up Aidan from practice when the coaches name came up on my phone and I thought this is never good.”

“You knew immediately when it happened that it was broken,” Aidan Boline said. “It looked disgusting.”

The Junior Blue fractured his forearm in two places. Two major injuries forced him to question should he continue the sport he loves?

“I was in so much pain at my house and in the living room,” Aidan Boline. “We have a picture of me and my dad and we’re forehead to forehead. Tears are coming down.”

But Aidan wouldn’t be stopped.

“The whole time Aidan said ‘I’m standing on the podium this year. I’m going to the mat.’” Sonya Boline said.

Months later - with screws in his arm and a torn ACL - Aidan placed fifth at state. And his senior season, a healthy Boline smoked the competition, winning the 6A State Wrestling title at his weight class.

“I mean to be there for my guys when we needed it,” Aidan Boline said. “I that’s the best feeling in the world.”

“It’s just neat to be a part of what he went through,” Dr. Figuerres said. “I was able to be a witness to what he went through. It was really amazing journey that he has.”

“He got the best care in the operating room,” Sonya Boline said. “Never had a doubt. Not for a second.”

His journey was difficult. But, Boline wouldn’t change a thing.

“Not only has it made me a better person I’ve matured throughout these years,” Aidan Boline said. “I’ve gone through real heartache and real pain. To have that and then to come out on the other side on top, it shows you how much like hard work can take you.”

Boline’s wrestling career is just getting started. He plans to continue wrestling in college at Lindenwood.

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