Kobach pledges to target Biden Administration if elected Kansas AG

Kris Kobach talks race for Kansas Attorney General
Published: Jul. 18, 2022 at 5:35 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - If elected, former Kansas Sec. of State Kris Kobach says his top priority as Kansas Attorney General will be to take on the Biden Administration.

Kobach stopped by the WIBW-TV studios Monday afternoon. He is the third of three Republicans vying to replace current Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt to do so. Schmidt is leaving his post as AG to run for Governor.

“My most important priority is bringing litigation, lawsuits against president Biden and his administration. He is violating our constitutional rights and he’s violating federal law. I’ve already brought four lawsuits against Biden and Obama combined. I have two lawsuits still pending against president Biden, and we need an Attorney General who makes that job one, we have to go on offense,” Kobach said.

“The office of Attorney General is the one office that has the ability to singlehandedly bring the Biden administration to a halt when it violates our constitutional rights or the statutes of the United States,” he continued.

In his five point plan released a few weeks prior, Kobach said one of his most important items is making Kansas concealed carry permits free in Kansas.

“Why should you have to pay to exercise the constitutional freedom? We aren’t paying to exercise our first amendment rights to have this interview. We don’t have to pay to get a fee from this, a license from the state to go to church. We shouldn’t have to pay to exercise our second amendment rights,” Kobach said.

Kobach said he’s a supporter of the “Value them Both” amendment, and his time as a constitutional law professor makes him ready to enforce any pro-life laws that go into effect.

“We have to do everything we can to restore the right to life and the laws that protect the right to life that are on the books in Kansas,” Kobach said. “I was a professor of constitutional law for 15 years. The experience to make sure that all of our pro-life laws are back in full force and being enforced as quickly as possible. That may be a combination of attorney general opinions seeking declaratory judgments from courts, but getting our pro-life laws in place as quickly as possible.”

Kobach said he’s learned a lot in his two unsuccessful bids for office. In 2018 he fell to Democrat Laura Kelly in a bid for governor, and two years later came in second place during the 2020 Republican primaries for U.S. Senate.

Kobach said 2018 was a tough year for all Republicans, not just him. “You know, not only did Republicans lose seven governorships across the country, we also lost 33 seats in the us house of representatives. It was a blood bath for Republicans.”

But the tide is changing, according to the former Sec. of State. “The Biden administration obviously has made many mistakes and it looks like Republicans will gain a number, a huge number of seats in Congress and in statewide offices as well. So one of the biggest factors is that tailwind and the polling shows that, whoever wins the Republican primary in the Kansas Attorney General’s race is going to win the general, at least if the polls are true.

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