FORK IN THE ROAD: Doughboyz Pizzeria brings pizza, family environment back to North Topeka

FORK IN THE ROAD: Doughboyz Pizzeria brings pizza, family environment back to North Topeka
Published: Jul. 19, 2022 at 5:45 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - We’re heading to 1312 N. Kansas Ave. for this week’s Fork in the Road. 13′s Bryan Grabauskas and Photojournalist Doug Brown stop by Doughboyz Pizzeria to see what makes it the best hangout spot for families in North Topeka.

Doughboyz co-owner Trevor Burnett grew up in North Topeka.

“Just right over across Soldier Creek and I used to run around through here,” Burnett said.

That’s why he was disappointed to see many family restaurants leaving the neighborhood or changing their family-friendly business models.

“A lot of stuff started moving over to the West side. There’s very few places that you can go that kids can run around and they’re not bothering people; that you can sit and have a beer with a friend; that you can enjoy some good food, some award-winning wings and all that stuff, so that’s what I wanted to create: an all-inclusive setup that it doesn’t matter it’s date night or if you have the entire family, that you can come and hang out.”

Customers like Shane Carter and Nolan Gilliland seem to think he’s pulled it off.

“Good food, and a nice friendly area to sit and relax in,” Carter says.

“This place has a lot of fun stuff,” Gilliland confirmed.

Aside from their ingredients being made fresh every day, Burnett says it’s the twists they put on their pizzas that sets Doughboyz apart.

“We have twisted some of our ingredients around, so we do some unique stuff,” Burnett started. “We have my little pizza I made was the Trailer Park Pie. Growing up here in North Topeka, grew up in Burgess Trailer Court. Macaroni and Cheese and hotdogs was something I had probably three to five times a week with my family. So, we turned that into a pizza. We listen to our customers a lot. Somebody wanted more of a like pulled pork pizza, so we made a Pork Smokehouse Pizza. Customers come to us and tell us ‘hey we should do a cream cheese sauce or a barbecue sauce’ or different stuff. From there we just take those and create some new ideas.”

Though you can get some delicious Doughboyz by delivery or carryout, you might just want to dine in.

“We have an entire calendar, every weekend we have at least one band going every weekend,” Burnett said.

Gilliland can back that up.

“They always have this fun kid karaoke night where kids get to sing on the stage,” he confirmed. “That’s really fun. I usually have fun going into the arcade, and I just have a really fun time with my family.”

“We try to keep it busy over here,” Burnett followed up.

“They’re, hopefully, here to stay,” Carter expressed. “Come and enjoy it, it’s good.”

You can enjoy Doughboyz from 11-9 p.m. Wed-Sun, with hours extending to 10 p.m. Fri-Sat. Plans are in place to bring in more staff and extend their hours even further. For now, you can also visit for their menu and delivery options.

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