GOP Attorney General hopefuls make final pitch to voters

Kris Kobach, Tony Mattivi, and Kellie Warren say they’re meeting with as many people as possible, working to set themselves apart from the competition.
Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 6:33 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - heading into the final weekend before the primaries, the three Republican candidates for Kansas attorney general are criss-crossing the state, making a final pitch to voter.

All three - Kris Kobach, Tony Mattivi, and Kellie Warren - say they’re meeting with as many people as possible, working to set themselves apart from the competition.

Kris Kobach is a former secretary of state and constitutional law professor.

“If you want someone who is going to sue the Biden administration, who has experience suing the Biden administration three times already, and beating them in court, then you should vote for me,” he said.

Kellie Warren is an attorney and state senator.

“I’m the battle-tested conservative Republican with the track record of fighting and winning on the issues they care about,” she said.

Tony Mattivi is a former federal prosecutor.

“If you insist that your chief law enforcement official actually be a career law enforcement official, I’m the only candidate in the race with those qualifications,” he said.

All three support the Value Them Both Amendment, and, as attorney general, would defend it, if passed. But none would say if they’d support a total ban on abortion. All three deferred to the legislature, and said the job of the attorney general is to defend the laws passed by the legislature.

All three also shared their thoughts about the role of a state attorney general in federal laws and policies.

Mattivi said the involvement should be focused on state policies and procedures.

“Now is the time that we need to be focusing our law enforcement resources on keeping us safe - not on going and fighting other people’s battles,” he said.

Kobach believes some federal polices are out of bounds.

“The attorney general can both play defense - defending Kansas laws and defending the public against criminals - and play offense against the Biden administration,” he said.

Warren said she will work against any government overreach.

“I will be focusing on fighting against the agenda from the Biden administration. We see so much coming out of Washington, D.C.,” she said.

While recent campaign finance reports show Warren with the top total since January, with Kobach not far behind and Mattivi trailing, all three claimed success.

“It sends the message that we are the campaign that has the coalition of conservatives coalescing behind our campaign,” Warren said.

“We’ve had over 2500 individual donors, contributing smaller average dollar amounts - that’s a grassroots, kind of groundswell campaign,” Kobach said.

“As an outsider, I can’t outraise them. The question is am I raising enough money to get my word out, to get my message out - and the answer is yes,” Mattivi said.

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