Back to School: 2022

FILE - Back to school
FILE - Back to school(WAFF)
Updated: Aug. 8, 2022 at 6:00 AM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - With local students gearing up for the start of the school year, here’s what you need to know.

Back to school photos:

School start dates:

DistrictFirst Day of SchoolChristmas BreakLast Day of School
Topeka Public Schools USD 501Aug. 10 - WednesdayDec. 19 - MondayMay 24 - Wednesday
Auburn-Washburn Public Schools USD 437Aug. 11 - ThursdayDec. 19 - MondayMay 24 - Wednesday
Rock Creek USD 323Aug. 11 - ThursdayDec. 22 - ThursdayMay 24 - Wednesday
Shawnee Heights USD 450Aug. 11 and 12 - Thursday and FridayDec. 22 - ThursdayMay 25 - Thursday
Osage City Schools USD 420Aug. 12 - FridayDec. 19 - MondayNot Available
Wamego Public Schools USD 320Aug. 15 - MondayDec. 19 - MondayMay 23 - Tuesday
Geary County Schools USD 475Aug. 16 - TuesdayDec. 22 - ThursdayMay 25 - Thursday
Marysville Public Schools USD 364Aug. 16 - TuesdayDec. 22 - ThursdayMay 23 - Tuesday
Lyndon Public Schools USD 421Aug. 16 - TuesdayDec. 16 - FridayMay 18 - Thursday
Vermillion Schools USD 380Aug. 16 - TuesdayDec. 22 - ThursdayMay 19 - Friday
Wabaunsee Schools USD 329Aug. 16 - TuesdayDec. 19 - MondayMay 17 - Wednesday
Clifton-Clyde USD 224Aug. 16 - TuesdayDec. 16 - FridayMay 18 - Thursday
South Brown County USD 430Aug. 17 - WednesdayNot AvailableNot Available
Manhattan-Ogden USD 383Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 19 - MondayMay 19 - Friday
Emporia Public Schools USD 253Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 23 - FridayMay 19 - Friday
Perry-Lecompton USD 343Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 22 - ThursdayMay 24 - Wednesday
Osawatomie Public Schools USD 367Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 19 - MondayMay 25 - Thursday
Royal Valley USD 337Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 22 - ThursdayNot Available
Clay County USD 379Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 22 - ThursdayMay 18 - Thursday
Oskaloosa Public Schools USD 341Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 19 - MondayMay 19 - Friday
Kaw Valley USD 321Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 16 - FridayMay 23 - Tuesday
Silver Lake Schools USD 372Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 21 - WednesdayMay 23 - Tuesday
Southern Lyon County USD 252Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 16 - FridayMay 23 - Tuesday
Jackson Heights USD 335Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 20 - TuesdayMay 18 - Thursday
Jefferson County North USD 339Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 20 - TuesdayMay 18 - Thursday
Valley Falls USD 338Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 16 - FridayMay 18 - Thursday
Hanover Schools USD 223Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 21 - WednesdayMay 19 - Friday
Onaga Public Schools USD 322Aug. 17 - WednesdayDec. 16 - FridayMay 18 - Thursday
Burlington Public Schools USD 244Aug. 18 - ThursdayNot AvailableNot Available
Prairie View USD 362Aug. 18 - ThursdayDec. 16 - FridayMay 25 - Thursday
Seaman School District USD 345Aug. 18 - ThursdayDec. 23 - FridayMay 23 - Tuesday
Santa Fe Trail USD 434Aug. 18 - ThursdayDec. 20 - TuesdayNot Available
Jefferson West USD 340Aug. 18 - ThursdayDec. 21 - WednesdayMay 23 - Tuesday
Prairie Hills USD 113Aug. 18 - ThursdayDec. 21 - WednesdayMay 18 - Thursday
Morris County USD 417Aug. 18 - ThursdayDec. 22 - ThursdayMay 23 - Tuesday
Riley County Schools USD 378Aug. 18 - ThursdayNot AvailableNot Available
Mission Valley USD 330Aug. 18 - ThursdayDec. 21 - WednesdayMay 11 - Thursday
McLouth Public Schools USD 342Aug. 18 - ThursdayDec. 21 - WednesdayMay 18 - Thursday
Nemaha Central Schools USD 115Aug. 18 - ThursdayDec. 21 - WednesdayMay 18 - Thursday
Valley Heights USD 498Aug. 18 - ThursdayDec. 21 - WednesdayMay 17 - Wednesday
North Lyon County USD 251Aug. 25 - ThursdayDec. 21 - WednesdayMay 24 - Wednesday
Uniontown Public Schools USD 235Aug. 25 - ThursdayDec. 16 - FridayMay 17 - Wednesday
Holton Public Schools USD 336Aug. 29 - MondayDec. 26 - MondayMay 29 - Monday
Troy Public Schools USD 429Aug. 31 - WednesdayDec. 21 - WednesdayMay 24 - Wednesday

School District openings:

Geary Co. Schools USD 475Athletics/Activities, Child Nutrition Services, Communications, Deaf and Hard of hearing Services, Elementary School Teaching, High School Teaching, Middle School Teaching, Salaried, School Nurse, Clerical, Security, Special Education, Substitute School Nurse, Substitute Teacher, Support Staff, IT
Holton Public Schools USD 336Custodian, High School Library Technologist, 1st Grade Elementary Teacher, High School At-Risk para, Middle School Para with Boys PE duties, HSEC Paraprofessionals, HSEC Occupational Therapist, Substitute Teachers
Seaman School District USD 345Middle School Science Teacher, At-Risk Instructional Aide, Title I Instructional Aide, 4th Grade Teacher, Special Ed. Paraprofessional, Special Education, Director of Business and Finance, Language Arts Teacher, Social Studies Teacher, Assistant Coaching positions, Child Nutrition Food Services, Foreign Language Teacher, Elementary School Counselor, Custodian, FACS Teacher, School Bus Driver, Substitutes
Manhattan-Ogden USD 383Student Supervisor, Elementary Art Teacher, Assistant Principal, Administrative Assistant, Office Professional, Social Emotional Intervention Aide, Computer Lab Aide, Child Care Assistant, Custodian, Child Nutrition, Bus Driver, 5th Grade Teacher, ESOL Program Coordinator, Program Leader, Human Resources Generalist, Coach, Assistant Coach, Educational Certified Nurse Aide, Special Education, Physical Education Teacher, Positive Behavior Specialist, Speech Language Pathologist, Paraeducator, Ceramics Specialized Program Leader, Substitute Teacher, Crossing guard, Skilled Maintenance, Language Interpreters, School Social Worker
Topeka Public Schools USD 501Paraprofessional, Special Education, School Social Worker, Music Teacher, Early Childhood Teacher, Dual Language Teacher, Computer Science Teacher, High School Science Teacher, FACS Teacher, Middle School English Teacher, High School Math Teacher, Data Reporting Coordinator, Service Technician, Secretary, After School Tutor, Reading Interventionist, Driver, Coach, Custodian, Media Clerk, Middle School Math Teacher, Middle School Science Teacher, Assistant Principal, Health Aide, Speech Language Pathologist, Maintenance, Assistant Coach, Dean of Student Intervention, School Psychologist, Youth Intern, Audiologist, Language Interpreter, Substitutes, Occupational Therapist, Systems Programmer, Network Specialist, Accompanist, Accounting Clerk, Licensed Practical Nurse, School Liaison, Elementary Principal, Food Service Worker, Lifeguard
Auburn-Washburn Public Schools USD 437Teacher Aide, Paraeducator, Technology Aide, Music Aide, Custodian, High School Social Studies Teacher, Library Clerk, School Bus Driver, Math Interventionalist, Custodian, Parent Educator, Substitutes, Food Service, Plumber, Special Education Teacher, Security Guard, Speech Language Pathologist, Fourth Grade Teacher, Piano Accompanist, Social Worker, Assistant Coach, Physical Therapist Assistant, Assistant Coach, Third Grade Teacher, P.E. Aide, Air Force JROTC
Emporia Public Schools USD 253Administration, Athletics/Activities, Bookkeeper/Clerk, Elementary Teachers, Food Service, FUTURE non-teaching positions, High School Teachers, Instructional Support, Paraprofessionals, Maintenance, Middle School Teachers, Special Education, Substitutes, Support Services, Temporary Workers, Transportation
Shawnee Heights USD 450Teacher Aide, Custodian, Paraprofessional, Assistant Coach, High School Teacher, Coach, Substitutes, Social Worker, Literacy Tutor, Health Technician, Mechanic’s Assistant, Food Service, Security, Bus Driver, Future Teaching Positions
Wamego Public Schools USD 320Instructional Aide, Bus Driver, Attendance Clerk, Behavioral Health School Liaison, Special Education Para Educator, Substitutes, Food Service, Secondary Science Teacher, Sign Language Interpreter, Building Aide, Maintenance, Custodian, Occupational Therapist
Burlington Public Schools USD 244Social Worker, Speech Language Pathologist, High School Teacher, Middle School Teacher, Bus Driver, Paraprofessional, Custodian, Daycare Aide, Food Service, Maintenance, Mechanic, Instructional Aide, Nurse’s Aide, Substitutes, Concessions, Cross Country, Football, Track, Scholars Bowl
Prairie View USD 362Coaching, Aides, Bus Driver, Custodian, Food Service, Substitutes, Library Aide, Paraprofessional, Supplemental Education
Perry-Lecompton USD 343Child Care Lead Teacher, Food Service, Substitutes
Osawatomie Public Schools USD 367Transportation Secretary, Food Service, Paraprofessionals, Bus Drivers, Coaches, Custodians, Certified Teachers, Substitutes
Santa Fe Trail USD 4345th Grade Teacher, Bus Driver, Athletic Director, Math Interventionist, Math Coach, Custodian, Substitutes
Royal Valley USD 337School Secretary, Grounds Keeper, Food Service, Coach, Nurse, Substitutes, Transportation Paraprofessional
Jefferson West USD 340Assistant Coach, Substitutes, Social Worker, Business Teacher, Instructional Aide, Food Service, Bus Driver
Prairie Hills USD 113Paraprofessionals, Bus Drivers, Custodians
Rock Creek USD 3231st Grade Teacher, 2nd Grade Teacher, Computer Support Specialist, Assistant Coach, Head Coach, District Administrative Assistant, Custodian, Food Service, Bus Driver, Substitutes
Clay County USD 379Support Staff, Bus Drivers, Paraprofessionals, Coach, Custodian, Substitutes, Instructional Aide, Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapist, Special Education Teacher, Speech Language Pathologist
Morris County USD 417Not Available
Marysville Public Schools USD 364Food Service, Vocal Teacher, Coach, Special Education Teacher, Paraprofessional, Custodian, Foreign Language Teacher, Bus Driver, Substitutes
Riley County Schools USD 378Business Teacher, ESSER Teacher, Technology Assistant, Preschool Aide, Classroom Aide, Paraprofessional, Coach, Food Service, Custodian, Bus Driver, Substitutes
Osage City Schools USD 420Food Service, Bus Driver, COVID Testing Assistant, Assistant Play Director, Assistant Coach, Paraeducators, Substitutes
Mission Valley USD 330Language Arts Teacher, Coach, IT Director, Food Service, Bus Drivers, Substitutes, Paraprofessionals, Custodians
Oskaloosa Public Schools USD 341Not Available
Kaw Valley USD 321High School Math Teacher, Administrative Assistant, Nurse, Classroom Aide, Library Specialist, Assistant Coach, CNA, Guidance Counselor, Grounds Worker, Substitute, Paraprofessional, Custodian, Food Service
Silver Lake Schools USD 372Paraprofessional, Substitutes, Bus Driver, Custodian
McClouth Public Schools USD 342Foreign Language Teacher, Assistant Coach, Food Service, Bus Driver, Substitutes
Nemaha Central USD 115Paraprofessionals, Substitutes, Foodservice
North Lyon County USD 251High School Science Teacher, Elementary Teacher, Paraeducators, Bus Drivers, Substitutes
Lyndon Public Schools USD 421Paraprofessionals, Substitutes
Southern Lyon County USD 252Registered Nurse, Assistant Coach, Substitute English Teacher, Paraprofessionals, Sponsors, Substitute Music Teacher, Driver’s Education Instructor, Substitutes
Vermillion USD 380Not Available
South Brown County USD 430JOM Tutor Assistant, Substitutes, Paraprofessionals
Jackson Heights USD 335Bus Drivers, School Cooks, Middle School Track Head Coach, Scholar’s Bowl Coach, Play/Musical Director
Jefferson County North USD 3396th Grade Teacher, Assistant Coach, CTE Manufacturing Teacher, Vocal Music Teacher, Head Coach, Custodian/Transportation Director
Troy USD 429Not Available
Valley Heights USD 498Food management, School Nurse
Wabaunsee Schools USD 329Substitutes, Junior High Media Tech, Assistant Coach
Clifton-Clyde USD 224Not Available
Valley Falls USD 338Not Available

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