Topeka High grad Ky Thomas knows big things are ahead

Published: Aug. 7, 2022 at 8:02 PM CDT
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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) - Ky Thomas was straight forward in what he’s expecting this year.

”I ain’t hoping for nothing, I know it’s going to be a big year, I’m not hoping. I know it’s going to be a big year for all of us,” Thomas said.

Thomas’ confidence is through the roof. He says he’s fitting right in and let’s his game do the talking.

“Last year I think I could show that I could run the ball and even being here I feel like I’ve shown I’m a playmaker with the ball in my hands,” Thomas said.

Coming over from Minnesota after two years, last season, Thomas compiled 824 rushing yards and six touchdowns.

He knew he wanted to come home.

“I got siblings, I got a lot of family and then coach Leipold. Him recruiting me, hearing what he had to say and then me seeing the trend in the program and hearing from people that I’ve known such as Devin.”

A bond that goes back to childhood for both Thomas and last years starting Running back Devin Neal. That bond between the hash marks is evident.

“It’s cool because it’s me and him playing back in the day together just like backyard football and stuff like that and just to have him in this room is cool,” Neal said.

“He’ll tell us how to expect a certain play to go so he does a great job in getting ahead of stuff,” Thomas said.

Running backs coach Jonathan Wallace knows his group is special giving them options like Thomas.

“Ky has really good vision, he’s a cerebral kid,” Wallace said. “He understands what’s going on. He asks questions out on the field, he can think through plays and see defenses on a different level.”

Wallace says having depth is big and the camaraderie is there. but he will continue to look for results.

“It’s about whose the most consistent as a runner, as a pass blocker, as a route runner, you have to bring that consistency every single day and that’s the beauty of having a stacked room,” Wallace said.

Especially in recruiting, guys like Devin Neal, Ky Thomas, Savion Morrison, etc. he’s looking for results and how to get better.

“The ability to make somebody miss, the ability to run on contact and then if you have speed and you can out run guys, it’s just a piece of cake,” Wallace said. “I start from there, then I branch out within those phone calls and when we get guys on campus. I like to get them in the film room. I want them to teach me looking at what we do. Can you teach me how you guys do it at your place and that way I can have a better understanding of what the young man knows so that way I have a better understanding of how I need to teach and approach it.”

Kansas’ training camp goes until Aug 15 before there official media day Aug 17.

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