Kansas Prep Zone: Highland Park

Published: Aug. 29, 2022 at 11:27 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - It’s been a very tough go around for Highland Park over the last several years.

The last time the team won a game was 2014, or 64 games ago. While that seems daunting, this team is hungry and can feel that streak breaking come this Friday.

“Last year we had all the pieces but everybody wasn’t bought in,” New Mexico State commit Tre Richardson said. “This year, everybody is ready to win this first game. Even though we’re in a new league, everybody still thinks that HP is bad but we’re still ready for it.”

HP will now be in the KCK-Atchison League after they announced they would leave the Centennial League in 2020.

Head coach Jermaine Monroe begins his second campaign and he says the fire in his players eyes is great to see.

“We’re going to stay who we are,” Monroe said. “Offensively that’s just what we are. Defensively, I want to be that team that they know what we’re going to run but they need to stop us because we’re good at it. We’ve been telling the boys that everything that happens moving forward, it’s a new league, it’s all history.”

Something else that’s new, Monroe brought in Jermaine Savage from St. Louis as his new Defensive Coordinator.

“The guys are flying around, they’re having fun. They’re getting pumped up during defensive practices. I think you’re going to see a whole different type of defense out there,” Monroe said.

All this change they say should be good.

“The fresh start will most definitely help us, especially with going into the new league, playing against everybody who kind of looks like us,” Offensive Tackle Gabriel Davis said. “We have fewer numbers and everybody else will have fewer numbers just like us.”

“1-0, that’s all he (Monroe) says, 1-0 every day, win today at practice, win the next day, 1-0,” Linebacker and Fullback Mackey James said.

The Scots kick-off 2022 at home Friday against Wyandotte at seven p.m.