Kansas Deputy AG warns Chiefs fans against counterfeit Super Bowl goods

Published: Feb. 6, 2023 at 12:15 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - As Chiefs fans flock to Arizona, Kansas Deputy Attorney General Fran Oleen has warned against counterfeit Super Bowl merchandise.

Kansas Deputy Attorney General Fran Oleen announced on Monday, Feb. 6, that Kansans need to protect themselves against the purchase of counterfeit Super Bowl merchandise now that the Chiefs have touched down in Arizona for the Big Game.

“We are of course proud of the Kansas City Chiefs’ success this season and excited to see them once again in the Super Bowl,” Oleen said. “Chiefs fans should keep up their guard against scammers selling fake merchandise or bogus tickets, looking to make a quick buck off the team’s success.”

Oleen said Kansans should be wary when they purchase tickets to the game. They should only be bought through a verified source. Guaranteed tickets and travel packages can be bought through the Chiefs’ official website. The NFL also uses TicketMaster and guarantees the authenticity of the tickets sold through the retailer. She said the NFL has also offered an official ticket resale marketplace called NFL Ticket Exchange which is also provided through TicketMaster.

The Deputy AG warned that Kansans should also be wary of purchases made through Craigslist, eBay or other similar marketplace or auction sites. Tickets should not be paid for with cash, a wire transfer, gift cards or pre-paid money as these methods are difficult to trace or recover.

If customers plan to use a mobile wallet, Oleen said they should be sure to understand the protections provided before the transaction is made. Fans must also be aware of phone scams as they may use numbers that appear local, offering discounted tickets sold online. Tickets should only be bought through verified sources. As always, she said to be wary of advertisements with extremely low prices.

Oleen also indicated that Chiefs fans should check the tag on their merchandise purchases. She said that all officially licensed NFL products will bear the league’s shield on the tag. If the tag does not have the should it could be counterfeit. A good mark of official merchandise includes where it is manufactured and the quality of the logo on the item.

Lastly, Oleen wanted against door-to-door and pup up stand sales. Kansas law allows customers three days to cancel any purchase made over $25 if the purchase is made at their home or any place that is not a permanent place of business or local address. She said door-to-door statutes regulate sales from popup sidewalk stands and tents in parking lots as well.

Kansas law also requires a sales receipt to be in the same language as the sales presentation, be dated, show the name and address of the seller, be in a large legible font and explain the customer’s right to cancel. The seller is also required to provide written and verbal notice of this right to cancel along with contact information at the time of the purchase. Those who wish to cancel should do so by certified mail for tracking purposes. Sellers are required to refund the money within 10 days of receiving the cancellation.

Oleen noted that those who believe they may have fallen victim to a Super Bowl-related scam, or any scam, should contact local law enforcement.