Rob Peppers

Meteorologist/Storm Chaser
Topeka, Kan.
Rob Peppers

I've always wanted to be a weatherman. Weather is fascinating to me. The way that clouds develop and move, the flash of lightning and the crash of thunder, watching big flakes of snow falling to the ground. Its something I've always enjoyed.

I graduated from the University of Kansas in 1988 with a degree in meteorology and soon began working at WIBW-TV. I earned the AMS Television Seal of Approval in 1991, and have worked with some of the best meteorologists in the business.

I'm currently the president of the Hatke Parkinson Support Group and on the board of directors of the NE Kansas Parkinson's Association. I've talked to many church and social groups about weather and my experience with Parkinsons disease.

In my free time, I like to chase storms and occasionally throw a lure at a large mouth bass or two.