FORK IN THE ROAD: True Brew Coffee House provides community, coffee, conversation

Published: Oct. 22, 2019 at 2:24 PM CDT
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When a pastor in Lyndon encouraged his church to get more involved in the community, he took his own advice and opened a coffee shop.

Community, coffee and conversation are the three words customers see as they walk through the front door of True Brew Coffee House in Lyndon.

The owner, Micah Bryant, is also a full-time pastor at Mt. Pleasant Community Church.

He said, “There’s hundreds of people that will never come into our church, but I’ll meet them at this coffee shop. So, it’s really just about getting involved in people’s lives.”

That is something he encourages his church to do, and said the coffee shop is a great way to lead by example, while doing something he and his family love.

His daughter, Nathalia Bryant, said she has always loved coffee and it has been a hobby of her and her dad's.

Micah said he has been roasting coffee for 6 years himself, and had to drive at least 30 miles from Lyndon to go to any coffee shops. That is another reason he was inspired to open one in town.

True Brew Coffee House opened in October 2017, and the Bryant family is proud to see it still thriving.

Nathalia said, “I think the positive attitude and energy coming from our family and the other baristas has definitely helped us to be able to maintain a steady business. The community has also been very supportive, so that’s been a big help.”

True Brew offers a wide variety of coffee, drinks, food and even ice cream for the kids.

Titus Gilbert lives in Lyndon and brings his kids to the shop multiple times a week.

He said they love the ice cream, and also come for the cinnamon rolls that are big enough to fill an entire plate.

Micah said their coffee and variety of specialty drinks are a big hit, but they are also known for their lunch options.

“Chicken salad pecan sandwich is to die for and then our raspberry chipotle turkey panini is probably the best selling sandwich,” said Micah.

Even though their products are great, True Brew stands for so much more.

Micah said, “When people come here we’re not just offering them a product to fill their bellies or their taste buds. What we try to offer is that we truly care for the people.”

His daughter added, “We as the employees, and also the customers that come in, we’ve established different connections with different people that we didn’t even know before.”

“The world is so busy and hectic and most people aren’t really seen as people and that’s what we want to do is see them as individuals,” said Micah.

Carla Sloop stops at True Brew every morning to enjoy some caffeine and conversation with her friends before work.

She said, “I really feel like the Bryant’s are trying to put Lyndon on the map with this True Brew Coffee House. I think they are doing great things beyond coffee and food.”

True Brew Coffee House is located at 804 Topeka Ave. off of US-75 in Lyndon, Kansas.

Their hours are 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Friday they are open 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. True Brew is closed on Sunday.

For the full menu and more information about True Brew, visit their website at