Fork In The Road: All roads lead to fresh food and beer at brew house in Clay Center

Published: Aug. 20, 2019 at 3:16 PM CDT
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In Clay Center, right off Highway 24 and Kansas Highway 15, there is a place offering a Midwest menu and some in-house made beer.

"US 24 and Kansas 15, Boom! Here we are right here in Clay Center," Clint Armstrong, General Manager and Brewmaster at 15-24 Brew House, said.

The 15-24 Brew House slogan reads, “All roads lead here.” A place in small town in Kansas for people to enjoy their classic favorites.

"We understand where we are, we're in the Heartland, we're in the middle of Kansas,” Armstrong said. “Every farmer probably has a better steak in their refrigerator or freezer than what we can provide, so we wanted to make sure we had a top end steak, but a decent price."

From the steaks to crowd favorites like the CC burger, which stands for Clay Center, the brew house sources quality ingredients and even gets their produce from the farmers market every weekend.

"The beer can definitely bring people in, the food's going to keep them,” Armstrong said. “That's our drive to make sure from top to bottom everything is quality driven. That's why we absolutely love our farmers market is a block away.”

The 15-24 Brew House prides themselves on doing things in-house. That includes the beer.

“You can kind of read their lips and hear what their saying, that's my favorite part,” Armstrong said. “Then walking through and talking to them about it, even with regulars or people from out of town that are just blown away that we have some in clay center."

With 15 years of brewing experience, the brew house has become a beer playground for Armstrong where he experiments with flavors and mixes-and-matches beers with the food menu.

"Right now, I've got 12 beers on tap which is kind of unheard of for a little, small five barrel brew house,” Armstrong said. “I’m constantly brewing and constantly coming up with new things that way we have a new beer or two every month. That way we're constantly moving forward and having a new selection for you."

With support from the Clay Center Community, the 15-24 Brew House hopes to stick around and expand.

"It's fun seeing everybody here in Clay Center in the middle of Kansas drinking IPA's and sours and things that, maybe, you wouldn't think that's what we'd be drinking out here,” Armstrong said. “Really the community is what has drove this and kept us going the way we're going. We're hoping for a long 25 plus year go at it."

15-24 Brew House will be celebrating a full year of business in November.

They hope to soon renovate their upstairs to accommodate for more people and larger parties.

15-24 Brew House is located at 420 Lincoln Ave., Clay Center, KS. They are open Tuesday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.. They close at 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.