Fork in the Road: 4 Corners Steakhouse and Lounge

Published: Aug. 6, 2019 at 8:40 PM CDT
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One of John Wayne’s most famous sayings was “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” A restaurant owner in Scranton has been living by those famous words for 25 years.

“I enjoy it. I enjoy the people. I love the public,” said Lisa Jolly who opened her restaurant with dreams of helping her community.

“I was like 31-years-old, and this was the only place open to take over so I talked to Dad and we took it over. We’ve done three big remodels,” she bosted.

4 Corners Steakhouse and Lounge sits at the four corners of Highway 75 and US 56 in Scranton. The Duke runs deep with her family. The last remodel turned the restaurant into a John Wayne fan's paradise.

“Look at all the John Wayne pictures,” Jolly said was one of the comments most customers say when they walk in.

The Duke gets attention, but the food is the biggest draw for many.

“It’s worth the trip just to come see the place. It’s worth the trip to come down and eat,” Garrel Schooler, a long time customer gave his endorsement.

The best meal deal is the chicken fried steak.

“It’s a buffet on Wednesday night, all you can eat. The chicken’s good,” Jolly promoted.

Made with homemade breading and deep-fried to perfection. Add the green beans, potatoes and top it with gravy.

Once you get your meal, the one thing you can’t do according to the top waitress, is pull out your phone. If you do and you’re in her section, you’re probably going to get yelled at. But, you really don’t want to because the food is delicious.

“I don’t want them on their phones. I want them to converse with each other. If you want your phone, you might as well stay home. This is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and a great experience.” said Sherry Rogers who is as much a staple as the restaurant itself.

Locals know her for her no nonsense style.

“Please and thank you is very important to me. I also don’t like people being on their phones, and I don’t want them rocking in their chair,” Rogers named off her rules.

Jolly and Rogers are best friends. Working together for years, and making sure their customers feel at home.

“I asked her to work one night New Years Eve and she’s been here ever since with us. Can’t get rid of her. She comes with the building,” Jolly laughed.

“I’m waiting to get paid,” Rogers replied and laughed. “Actually I just love the place.”

Jolly also does a lot in her community. She often hires youth in the community to bus tables and give them their first jobs.

She is also a big supporter of local school programs and hosts several fundraisers throughout the year.