Fork in the Road: A sports bar that welcomes food lovers with open arms

(WIBW/Danielle Martin)
(WIBW/Danielle Martin)(WIBW)
Published: Jan. 21, 2020 at 6:22 PM CST
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A local Topeka sports bar welcomes food lovers with open arms and with a lot of flavor.

The bar Manager of Glazed Goose, Brianna Kuszak says its a place that brings the community together. "It's a very small community of people, I would say 90 percent of the time you know everybody that comes in.”

"Everybody knows everybody that's in here so it's nice that you always have someone to talk no matter when you come in," Kuszak explained. "You actually get that relationship and it's like a small family with people that are in here."

Glazed Goose is known to have a sweet and savory taste that has customers returning for more.

"We have great burgers, it's one of our go-tos. We also have a goose sandwich that's like our top seller, it's turkey, jalapeno and jelly, and cheddar cheese it's just amazing," Kuszak said.

There is more items on the menu that customers can't get enough of.

"We're also really known for our gizzards, we kind of have a secret recipe that makes them some of the best in town. People actually come in just because they hear about our gizzards," Kuszak added.

Brianna says they provide a hospitality service you cant find anywhere else."I think the personalized service. I think when people walk in, their greeted by their first name. I think they like to come in and not have to order, it's just taken care for them. they know what to expect when they come in and i think that's what makes us different."

Customer are happy when they are able to see familiar faces.

"I think just being a small neighborhood bar. The customers they come in and they know which days people work and you can always say 'yeah, I don't know who work last night,' and they'll tell you who worked last night," Kuszak said.

Glazed Goose says it wouldn't be the same without their customers.

"I've heard them say that they won't go anywhere else because they don't want to have to wait," Kuszak said. "The loyalty from them, its nice they rather be here, they have their certain spots that they sit at, at the bar. That coming in here with it being not the older crowd but more mature crowd, they're not on their cell phones, they're in here to talk to people and enjoy the comradery of other people."

The Glazed Goose is located at 5630 SW 29th St, Topeka, KS 66614.