Fork in the Road: Pizagel’s Pizza and Bakery

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 4:10 PM CST
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Pizza and bagels are not a usual combination, unless you're a fan of bagel bites. One local restaurant made it the perfect combination.

Jim Burgardt has been whipping up delicious goodies at Pizagel’s at the corner of 29th and Fairlawn for more than 25 years.

"We do everything from the pastries, to the bagels, to the cream cheese all freshly whipped here. We do all our pizza crust all fresh here," said Burgardt.

Pizza and bagels, together in one restaurant. That's how he came up with the name.

"Years ago we were closing at two because we're a breakfast and lunch business and we were trying to create something at night that would complement our business and pizza seemed to fit right in. We had the right space for it. So it turned out really good," Burgardt explained.

While those two are in the name, the menu is bigger than that. From Biscuits and gravy to espresso and more. For lunch, we're told the pizza is the way to go.

"They have the best pizza in town. Really. It tastes good. It has a really good flavor and Jim makes it," Mike Kelly laughed.

"Because our crust is different than anyone else. We hand make our curst. We have to braid the edges. We make it a special crust. You're not getting something that is out of the freezer. It's got a different texture and different taste," Burgardt detailed.

Like any business, it's had ups and downs. In 2014, the restaurant caught fire.

"A fluke incident that we had an electrical box up in the ceiling tucked away that kinda had some insulation that caught on fire and there it went," he recalled.

Jim didn't know if he should rebuild, or let the store go. But the people came forward and encouraged him to stay.

"Huge support. I think you television stations. WIBW and all you guys have really stood up behind us and promoted when we were in that fire situation and it really drummed us up afterword. So it was our job to hold on to the customers. I think we've done a great job of doing that," said Burgardt.

And it shows. You won't go a morning without seeing some group gathered around a table, gabbing about the daily going on’s around town.

"Talk and talk about the people who don't show up," joked Kelly.

If you're needing pizza at your door, they don't have do traditional delivery. They use Eat Streets, so you can order any time just by downloading the app on your phone.